Villanella is a new choir in Hamilton that provides a high-quality choral experience in a personalized milieu.
There are compelling reasons to join Villanella:

  1. You focus on sublime classical music, notably Renaissance and baroque, leaving show tunes and pop music for other groups to sing.
  2. You explore good music-making in a safe and friendly environment.
  3. You join a welcoming group of dedicated amateurs who work hard together – and laugh even harder.
  4. You focus on singing well together – really well.
  5. You learn to sing in tune – really in tune.
  6. You receive an exceptional music education without formal classes, tuition costs or exams.
  7. You enjoy top-notch leadership: Maestro Potvin knows how to coax the best from his singers.
  8. Your contribution counts – 100%! As a member of a small ensemble, you are vital to its’ success.

To learn more about joining Villanella, please visit our expectations and audition pages.
Click here to book your audition appointment.