We are seeking new members for the upcoming season. If you like great choral music, would like to achieve a high quality of singing and musicianship and explore the satisfaction of singing in tune and “perfect harmony” join us Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm in Hamilton. For more information call 905-522-6841.
Villanella is an a capella, SAB vocal chamber ensemble. Members are expected to prepare their weekly repertoire assignments on their own and come to rehearsals ready to sing through and polish the presentation of the music. Prospective new members are encouraged to join us for a rehearsal or two at the beginning of the season starting Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017, 7:30pm at Grace Lutheran Church in Hamilton. Please let us know that you are coming before the rehearsal date so that we can have extra copies of that evening’s music on hand.
I am sure you will enjoy what we do and how we sing and would like to become a member of Villanella. Please arrange with Maestro Potvin to have an audition. This usually consists of bringing a piece to sing. If the required accompaniment is quite straight forward, the Maestro can probably sight read it for you. He will also do a few vocalizes with you to determine range, tone, etc, and he will have a couple of lines of music for you to sight read.
Please note that at the present time Villanella is totally self-supporting so there is also a choir member fee which will be explained at rehearsal.

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