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What we expect from our singers

  • Have at least three years of choral experience
  • Come prepared for rehearsals
  • Be able to sing without vibrato
  • Help promote the group
  • Help with¬†fundraising
  • Sell tickets to concerts

We are looking for independent learners, conscientious and prepared, team players, able to take and follow direction.

What you can expect

  • Top notch musical leadership
  • Relentless demand for perfection
  • Interesting repertoire
  • A challenging and fulfilling experience
  • A chance to sing great music and do it really well
  • Opportunity to tour and record

Our rehearsals are done a cappella and take place bi-weekly on Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.
Focus during rehearsals is placed on: ensemble, intonation, blend, style, vocal technique, and sound production.
We achieve balanced sections through limited membership. Singers must re-audition annually.